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13th Nov 10

It's all about London Jazz Festival at the moment - although I also have some writing to do for the poet Lydia Towsey, and LOTS of prep for Heralds. Speaking of which, if you'd like to hear Heralds near you, just get in touch! If you know a local promoter it'd be great to get the group out there!

29th Apr 11

some more great photos of Arun's gig at the Alchemy Festival - this time from Richard Kaby.

12th Jul 11

Just received the nicest of gifts. Mr Chalklin [i.e. the maker of the mallets I buy] has just written me the best letter ever, and sent me a whole bundle of mallets. I wasn't expecting it at all - the postman had just left the package on my doorstep. They sound beautiful, just beautiful, and just in time for Manchester Jazz Festival! Really touched.

26th Jul 11

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us at Manchester Jazz Festival - we had a great time!! And Nick Malcolm - there's a name to check out, some lyrical trumpet and fantastic writing. Going to hear the Blink trio today.

1st Sep 11

On a book-buying mission today. I'm working with the poet Lydia Towsey at Bradgate Mental Health Unit's Arts Cafe for the Everybody's Reading Festival in Leicester: I'm encouraging the use, access and reading of books in the group.

4th Oct 11

Today will be an odd day. It's my last session at the Arts Cafe for the Everybody's Reading project I've been doing with visual artist Sue Clews, Tim Sayers and Lydia Towsey - not as a poet this time but as Arts-in-Health co-ordinator for the NHS.

I've spent the last nine weeks listening closely and watching as people interact and engage with books, each other and themselves. This process was at the heart of the piece I was commissioned to create for the Festival. Since working on Heralds - and that's longer than most people would think - I've been moving towards making map-like scores and "scripts" for the music I want to hear. The older versions of my maps were very directed and quite prescriptive; so there would be a flow from start to finish; the musician was guided to the end point with descriptions as to what I wanted to hear as the writer.

But in this case I was writing for the trio. This is something I have never really had to do, since we neither play "tunes" nor rehearse. We just turn up and create music, through listening and awareness of our environment. So it was a matter of balancing the openness of the group with my intentions for the piece. So I decided to modify process I used on myself for Popular Delusions and Songs for the New Folk, which is more based on emotions and what is said rather than what I think. This is a Flickr set of the score, about 75% finished.

map in full

12th Oct 11

So many "thank yous"... to all who came to Leicester, for a start - this was a new thing for the trio, actually performing a composition, AND at that length...

AND to Nottingham for the Framework Raise The Roof Festival. It was tricky listening with the DJing in the next room, but we put our souls into it. Good to see Nat Birchall, Gavin Barras, Rachael Gladwin and Matt Halsall, as well as a good chat/catch up with Julian Siegel.

6th Nov 11

Learning a haunting arrangement of Traumerei by Mr Mitchell, and generally just getting the house in order, testing the new 1/4 size 'cello bows, which are working a treat. London Jazz Festival in a few weeks - will be going to hear Threadgill and catch up with people!

19th Nov 11

London Jazz Festival today! I'll be down with Robert Mitchell, Dominic Lash, Dave Kane, Mat Maneri [yes], Chris Sharkey and then off to see Henry Threadgill later. Epic day!

21st Nov 11

Just got home from the London Jazz Festival - about which there is lots to say - to find a great review of Nat Birchall's album! It looks like I'm the Derbyshire Tabasco of jazz... used sparingly to enhance!

22nd Nov 11

Richard Kaby took some fantastic shots of the London Jazz Festival gig!

20th Dec 11

@[the trio] is in the running for Marsden Jazz Festival - please vote for us and any other bands you fancy the sound of...

16th Apr 12

If you get chance, I'm going to be on Radio 3 tonight - they're broadcasting the set I did with @[Robert Mitchell] at London Jazz Festival! Tune in!

11th May 12

Just caught my eye... there's some real resonance there for me with the One Note Sunday nights.

12th Aug 13

Thanks to Virgin Media's varying levels of service, I'm still without the Internet at home; but currently using my mobile phone as a modem - the new old school! The summer has not been as quiet as I feared it would be, a mercy. Finished some "identity" music for Film Africa Festival, and will be starting work with great bloke and fellow vibist Martin Pyne on a project by the choreographer Sheron Wray. And of course, gathering thoughts for my course in the autumn. I've actually got heaps more to talk about, like One Note Sunday and future levels of gigs, but it'll have to wait... for Virgin Media... again...

7th Oct 13

Going to Marsden Jazz Festival? Then get some BATTERIES! Me, @[Andy Champion], @[Chris Sharkey] and @[Mark Sanders]:

12th Oct 13

So - off at 7:42a.m. in the rain to get to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] today! Batteries ahoy!

13th Oct 13

My shoulder is wrecked! But it was well worth it. The @[Marsden Jazz Festival] gig with Batteries was great, just great. I was given a lift to the venue by a complete stranger [thank you Sam!]; met up with @[Matthew Bourne] before his elegaic commission piece for synths and keyboards; was surprised by @[Walt Shaw], who'd come up to see the gig; and then played in a storming set with @[Andy Champion], @[Mark Sanders] and @[Chris Sharkey] to a full and listening audience! Also caught a bit of Laura Jurd's quintet set, with the singer Lauren Kinsella making an impact - fantastic voice and skill!

11th Nov 13

In @[London Jazz Festival] twice this year! with @[Rachel Musson] on Tue 19th, and Sonsale on the 24th:

14th Nov 13

The trio I'm recording with today started because of the Splinter festival: oemb::

14th Nov 13

And JNE also put together the quartet I'm going with to @[London Jazz Festival] : oemb::

18th Nov 13

@[London Jazz Festival] jaunt tomorrow with @[Rachel Musson]!

26th Nov 13

I was about to write a Sherrineqsue piece about @[London Jazz Festival], but stopped. Suffice to say, I saw many people and it was fun.

9th Apr 14

New gig: Manchester Jazz Festival: Nat Birchall Quintet -

9th Apr 14

New gig: Manchester Jazz Festival: Engine Room Favourites -

18th Jul 14

@[Manchester Jazz Festival] next week! Very excited to be guesting in @[Adam Fairhall]'s "Imaginary Delta" with amazing poet, Jackie Kay...

24th Jul 14

Top night with @[Nat Birchall] at @[Manchester Jazz Festival]! Now with Martin Archer later today...

25th Jul 14

As someone said yesterday, FIERCE music yesterday with Martin Archer's Engine Room Favourites at @[Manchester Jazz Festival]!

17th Nov 14

@[the trio] hits @[London Jazz Festival] with @[Anton Hunter] and @[Cath Roberts] tomorrow...

18th Nov 14

@[London Jazz Festival] craziness part one today!

23rd Feb 15

New gig: Tubers Mini-Festival -

28th Jun 15

New gig: Ratcliffe/Mwamba Quartet @ Wirksworth Festival -

28th Aug 15

New gig: Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival -

9th Sep 15

New gig: Yana @ #4jazz Festival -

13th Sep 15

@[yana] had a ball at @[Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival]! Thanks for coming if you did!

23rd Sep 15

Looking forward to playing with Matt Ratcliffe in Wirksworth on Friday, assuming they don't stop us like they did Juxtavoices!

25th Sep 15

Wirksworth Festival today!

29th Oct 15

Not long until @[London Jazz Festival]: first gig is with @[Rachel Musson]! Here's our first gig.

29th Oct 15

Second @[London Jazz Festival] gig is with @[Robert Mitchell] on 14th Nov

31st Oct 15

Great time at the UberJazz festival with @[Richard Spaven] and the crew, as well as hanging out with @[Shabaka Hutchings] and the Sons of Kemet!

17th Nov 15

@[London Jazz Festival] has been a blast so far; @but next week it's @[JazzUK] #4jazz and @[GIO]!

18th Apr 16

New gig: Fizzle @ Flatpack Film Festival -

8th May 16

New gig: Emergenc(i)es Festival -

13th Jun 16

Looking forward to Bristol on Friday... Here's the full programme for the festival!

18th Jun 16

New gig: Contra Pop Festival (with Lauren Redhead) -

18th Aug 16

Hope to see people at the Contra Pop festival! I'll be there over the weekend to catch some music...

24th Apr 17

New gig: LUME Festival -

25th May 17

Getting stuff together for the @[Midlands3Cities] Research Festival in Leicester today!

25th May 17

Having my brain and skin melted at #M3C17 festival!

17th Jun 17

@[LUME] festival next Saturday!

21st Sep 17

Looking forward to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] with @[Andy Champion] in a couple of weeks!!

2nd Oct 17

Looking forwards to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] on Saturday!

7th Oct 17

Today: @[Marsden Jazz Festival]!

8th Oct 17

Great to bump into @[Robert Mitchell], @[Richard Olatunde Baker], and @[Liran Donin] at @[Marsden Jazz Festival]... if @[Rachel Musson] were here I could have done the @[LUME] commission again!

2nd Nov 17

New Ramble: The Small Harvest Festival

17th Nov 17

Today! And I'll be heading down to London early to see what I can see of @[London Jazz Festival]...

22nd Apr 18

Fantastic time at the second SURGE IN SPRING Festival yesterday!! Stand-out for me was @[Rachel Musson]'s new work: phenomenal! Congratulations to @[Sid Peacock], Tony Dudley-Evans, and all involved.

21st Sep 18

If you were at the @[LUME] Festival two years ago and enjoyed my piece body, you will have another chance to hear it next year at @[Jazz re:freshed]!

11th Jul 20

Found this on an old drive! Loved this gig -- Black Top at Cafe Oto during (but not part of) London Jazz Festival. Totally inspiring to play with people whose music I'd consumed so much of...

Photo by Roger Thomas.

11th Dec 20

Not a bad year (ignoring the obvious). 16 albums of my own, three releases with dear friends, and more to come next year. Even did a festival. Making more music than I did before, and happier.

30th Apr 21

Tomorrow! I'm on #JtoZ on @[BBC Radio 3] talking about three pieces of music that inspired me. There are also some highlights from Cheltenham Jazz Festival!