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28th Nov 12

Newcastle was a joy! Four incredible days with Andy Champion, Sylvain Darrifourcq and Valentin Ceccaldi in our new band Sonsale [pronounced \"son sal\" ].

The gig itself was great, but too short; it\'s made me think about how some music requires a certain length of time.

The material we\'d developed is the sort where I take my time. It\'s all too easy for me to narrow my eyes in joy and unleash line after line, but I found punctuating the music and allowing things to unfurl around me very liberating. The audience was fully engaged in the music, treating us warmly, talking to us afterwards and really loving the sound; and I feel totally encouraged about the next chapter!

20th Sep 13

New gig: Sonsale @ LJF -

20th Oct 13

New gig: Sonsale @ GIOFest -

4th Nov 13

Sonsale [me, @[Andy Champion], Sylvain Darrifourcq, Valentin Ceccaldi] are in London:

4th Nov 13

Then up to ^{The Sage}; I'm with Sonsale; and Chris and Roger play with @[John Pope]

4th Nov 13

And then Sonsale heads to ^{CCA Glasgow} for a couple of days!

11th Nov 13

In @[London Jazz Festival] twice this year! with @[Rachel Musson] on Tue 19th, and Sonsale on the 24th:

2nd Dec 13

It is all too easy to have all-star players in a team that essentially doesn't work. This is known in all fields which require a creative outlook to collaboration, like sports, business and music. It isn't enough to be good at what you do in those situations: you have to be able to work towards a vision, to listen and respond to others around you, as well as the flexibility to take things to another place.

Luckily, Glasgow Improvisers' Orchestra has these skills [and the drive to use them] in abundance through all its members. Seeing a large ensemble where you don't notice its weight - where you hear considered improvisiation - where there is a real sense of joy in the music making - these things are rare: and GIO should be celebrated for that. Their work with Marylin Crispell, Gino Robair, Maggie Nichols and Gail Brand was stunning: I think Jazz on 3 will broadcast it at some point; catch it when you can.

Similarly, Maggie Nichols and Marylin Crispell - improvisation at its very best! I was totally blown away by this set - it was thoroughly inspiring. As for Sonsale, well that was just the usual drink-fuelled laugh fest that I particularly enjoy. We had a few small ideas that we plucked out for each gig of the "tour", and our working together is so much quicker than last time: I really hope we can do again sooner than later!

3rd Dec 13

Lovely review of the Sonsale gig at The Sage [cc. @[Andy Champion], @[John Pope]]!

14th Mar 14

Sonsale [w. @[Andy Champion], Valentin Ceccaldi and Sylvain Darrifourcq] will be Jazz on 3 in a fortnight!

22nd Mar 14

Sonsale will be on Jazz on 3 on Monday! Tune into BBC Radio 3, or catch us on the BBC iPlayer next week...

24th Mar 14

Quick reminder: Sonsale is on Jazz on 3 tonight! But you can also catch it on the BBC iPlayer during the week.

14th Dec 15

New gig: Paris sur Tyne -