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19th Oct 10

Richard Kaby and Helena Dornellas took some stunning photos of the Albany gig with Arun on Sunday.

29th Apr 11

some more great photos of Arun's gig at the Alchemy Festival - this time from Richard Kaby.

22nd Nov 11

Richard Kaby took some fantastic shots of the London Jazz Festival gig!

8th Jan 12

Friday was a roast! @[Robert Mitchell], Tom Mason and Richard Spaven played brilliantly - was much, much fun. Managed to get a confirmed date for recording myself and my brothers-in-music @[Dave Kane] and @[Joshua Blackmore] - we'll be hitting the room in late March, which is later than I wanted in some ways, but it's not like we have a time-limit! I'm going to try keeping a composition log [yes, I'm writing again]: but we'll see how long that lasts...

13th Jan 12

Man, I'm totally knackered. Both of the trolley's tyre deflated whilst dragging it around London: 90+ kg doesn't seem to get any easier to shift...

Anyway, the gig with @[Nat Birchall] was fantastic! Here's some great photos from Richard Kaby...

12th Jun 15

New gig: Spaven Four @ Jazz Re:freshed -

23rd Jun 15

From last Thursday with @[Rich Spaven] at @[Jazz re:freshed]

26th Jun 15

New gig: [LJF] Spaven Four @ Pizza Express -

23rd Jul 15

Video of @[Richard Spaven]'s quartet at @[Jazz re:freshed]!

10th Oct 15

New gig: Spaven Five @ UberJazz -

28th Oct 15

Off to Hamburg with Richard Spaven and company!

30th Oct 15

Really looking forward to playing with @[Richard Spaven] and co. later this evening!

31st Oct 15

Great time at the UberJazz festival with @[Richard Spaven] and the crew, as well as hanging out with @[Shabaka Hutchings] and the Sons of Kemet!

18th Nov 15

Gig number five is with @[Richard Spaven]!

8th Oct 17

Great to bump into @[Robert Mitchell], @[Richard Olatunde Baker], and @[Liran Donin] at @[Marsden Jazz Festival]... if @[Rachel Musson] were here I could have done the @[LUME] commission again!

28th Feb 19

London today for the last time, at @[Jazz re:freshed] with @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Richard Olatunde Baker] and @[Liran Donin]!

1st Mar 19

Such a good night at @[Jazz re:freshed] last night! Thanks to @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Liran Donin], and @[Richard Olatunde Baker]; and the fantastic audience! AND to Bunny, Justin, Adam, and Gus for my present!

25th Mar 19

Dave Kane; Joshua Blackmore; Andy Champion; Johnny Hunter; Laura Cole; Walt Shaw; Rachel Musson; Jason Yarde; Martin Archer; Xhosa Cole; Martin Pyne; Tom Ward; Alya Al-Sultani; Zoe Champion; Gary Reader; Richard Belfitt -- thank you so much for your friendship and musicianship.