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26th Oct 13

Had a great time at ^{Lumen} with @[Olie Brice], @[Rachel Musson]/@[Liam Noble]/@[Mark Sanders], and @[Alex Ward]. Lovely space for music.

4th Nov 13

Then, on 19th Nov, playing for the first time with the most excellent @[Rachel Musson]:

11th Nov 13

In @[London Jazz Festival] twice this year! with @[Rachel Musson] on Tue 19th, and Sonsale on the 24th:

18th Nov 13

@[London Jazz Festival] jaunt tomorrow with @[Rachel Musson]!

19th Nov 13

Tonight: me, @[Rachel Musson], Tony Bevan, Wilkinson/Noble/Edwards: Hope to see you!

20th Nov 13

What a great night! Really inspiring to play with @[Rachel Musson]: with luck it will happen again!

2nd Mar 14

Sadly, we've had to cancel the Musson/Noble/Sanders performance at 2ndline on March 12th. Many apologies...

3rd Mar 14

New music! @[Rachel Musson] and me...

8th Mar 14

You can still check out the duo recording with @[Rachel Musson] here:

3rd Apr 14

Just listening to the recording with amazing saxophonist @[Rachel Musson] again.

28th Aug 14

New gig: duo with Rachel Musson -

18th Nov 14

Part two is tomorrow: with the amazing @[Rachel Musson]!

20th Dec 14

Looking forward to Christmas; and February, when I hit Germany with @[Rachel Musson] for a week! More info soon...

29th Jan 15

New gig: -

29th Jan 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Münster -

29th Jan 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Essen -

29th Jan 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Wuppertal -

1st Feb 15

@[Rachel Musson] and I are having a great time in Germany! The gig in Bochum last night was lovely, looking forward to Münster tonight!

2nd Feb 15

Münster - yeah! Good times with @[Rachel Musson] on the trip. Off to Essen later...

2nd Feb 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Köln -

2nd Feb 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Düsseldorf -

2nd Feb 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Bielefeld -

2nd Feb 15

New gig: Soundtrips #23: Hagen -

4th Feb 15

Fantastic gig last night with @[Rachel Musson], Carl Ludwig Hübsch and Gunda Gottschalk! Köln today!

4th Feb 15

And if anyone is missing a Corey Mwamba/@[Rachel Musson] music fix...

4th Feb 15

Lovely review of the gig [in German] in Essen with @[Rachel Musson]!

5th Feb 15

Total blast with @[Rachel Musson] in Köln last night. Today: Düsseldorf!

6th Feb 15

Düsseldorf with @[Rachel Musson], Paul Lytton and Nicola Hein was lovely! Off to Bielefeld today.

7th Feb 15

Deliriously happy at having a kettle and a bath in the hotel room. Bielefeld was a fantastic night; @[Rachel Musson] sounded amazing, as did Albrecht Maurer and Simon Camatta. Now to Hagen for the last trip!

18th Feb 15

Far too much of my face in this; but still, a nice video of me and @[Rachel Musson]!

23rd Feb 15

New gig: Charles/Musson/Mwamba/Sanders -

4th May 15

Now,off to London to see @[Rachel Musson], Mark Sanders and Neil Charles!

5th May 15

Absolutely incredible gig with @[Rachel Musson], @[Mark Sanders] and Neil Charles yesterday! That will happen again...

26th Jun 15

New gig: [LJF] Musson/Mwamba - LUME free stage -

28th Aug 15

New gig: Charles/Musson/Mwamba/Sanders @ BAJF -

29th Oct 15

Not long until @[London Jazz Festival]: first gig is with @[Rachel Musson]! Here's our first gig.

13th Nov 15

Had a great time at ^{Lumen} with @[Olie Brice], @[Rachel Musson]/@[Liam Noble]/@[Mark Sanders], and @[Alex Ward]. Lovely space for music.

13th Nov 15

With @[Rachel Musson] tomorrow!

15th Nov 15

And although it was a short set, great to make such deep music in the duo with @[Rachel Musson]. Resolved to get more people to hear us!

27th Jan 16

New gig: Musson/Mwamba + Garside -

13th Apr 16

Tomorrow, with @[Rachel Musson] and @[Gus Garside]!

14th Apr 16

Today! Really looking forward to seeing @[Rachel Musson]; and a first-time play with @[Gus Garside]!

8th Oct 17

Great to bump into @[Robert Mitchell], @[Richard Olatunde Baker], and @[Liran Donin] at @[Marsden Jazz Festival]... if @[Rachel Musson] were here I could have done the @[LUME] commission again!

18th Nov 17

Lovely gig last night with @[Alya Al-Sultani], @[Rachel Musson], @[Charlotte Keefe], @[Pat Thomas] and John Edwards!

9th Feb 18

Remembering the first time @[Rachel Musson] and I played together. One of my favourite saxophonists to listen to!

21st Feb 18

Reminiscing: here's me and @[Rachel Musson] in Düsseldorf!

22nd Apr 18

Fantastic time at the second SURGE IN SPRING Festival yesterday!! Stand-out for me was @[Rachel Musson]'s new work: phenomenal! Congratulations to @[Sid Peacock], Tony Dudley-Evans, and all involved.

19th Feb 19

London tomorrow with @[Rachel Musson]!

21st Feb 19

You can tell I haven't punched the vibes for a while! Fantastic gig with @[Rachel Musson] last night... thanks to Shirley Smart for running a great night!!

28th Feb 19

London today for the last time, at @[Jazz re:freshed] with @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Richard Olatunde Baker] and @[Liran Donin]!

1st Mar 19

Such a good night at @[Jazz re:freshed] last night! Thanks to @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Liran Donin], and @[Richard Olatunde Baker]; and the fantastic audience! AND to Bunny, Justin, Adam, and Gus for my present!

25th Mar 19

Dave Kane; Joshua Blackmore; Andy Champion; Johnny Hunter; Laura Cole; Walt Shaw; Rachel Musson; Jason Yarde; Martin Archer; Xhosa Cole; Martin Pyne; Tom Ward; Alya Al-Sultani; Zoe Champion; Gary Reader; Richard Belfitt -- thank you so much for your friendship and musicianship.

15th Jan 20

Was at Fizzle briefly to listen to @[Julie Kjaer], Hannah Marshall, and @[Rachel Musson]. Staggeringly good. A whole new way of breathing together.

26th Aug 20

@[Rachel Musson] and I have a new duo album out! It's on Takuroku. Hope you enjoy the music!

28th Aug 20

Nice review of the duo album with @[Rachel Musson]

4th Sep 20

Thanks to London Jazz News for this lovely review of the duo album with Rachel Musson!

3rd Mar 21

Thank you, @[Free Jazz Collective], for this feature with the albums by @[Nick Malcolm] and @[Rachel Musson]. A nice surprise!

8th Jun 21

Beautiful feature on @[Rachel Musson]!