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3rd Feb 14

New gig: Our Own Decay @ LUME -

15th Apr 14

London - I am heading your way... See you for LUME on Thursday?

16th Apr 14

Will be resting up today, to make sure I get myself to LUME tomorrow!

9th Jul 14

New gig: LUME @ Vortex: solo -

8th Sep 14

Masses of fun with Deemer at LUME last night!

23rd Feb 15

New gig: LUME -

23rd Feb 15

New gig: new dark art @ LUME -

5th Mar 15

London! I'm with @[Adam Fairhall] & Johnny Hunter at @[LUME]: come down!

15th May 15

Great night at @[LUME]. The saxophone quartet sounded amazing!

3rd Jun 15

@[LUME] in Derby!

12th Jun 15

Not long until @[Cath Roberts] and @[Dee Byrne] bring @[LUME] to Derby!

26th Jun 15

New gig: [LJF] Musson/Mwamba - LUME free stage -

28th Jun 15

New gig: LUME is Two! -

7th Jul 15

Acquire some new album goodness from [and to support] @[LUME]!

14th Jul 15

Abysmal admin day. But still buzzing from the @[LUME] night!

15th Nov 15

Didn't get to catch as much I would have liked at the @[LUME] Free Stage, but did hear @[Tom Ward]'s fantastic Menagerie set. The crowd was buzzing!

1st Apr 16

Sunday at @[LUME]! Me, @[Cath Roberts], @[Olie Brice]; and @[Dave Kane]'s quartet...

24th Apr 17

New gig: LUME Festival -

24th May 17

Found a @[yana] track: think it's from @[LUME]!

17th Jun 17

@[LUME] festival next Saturday!

8th Oct 17

Great to bump into @[Robert Mitchell], @[Richard Olatunde Baker], and @[Liran Donin] at @[Marsden Jazz Festival]... if @[Rachel Musson] were here I could have done the @[LUME] commission again!

21st Sep 18

If you were at the @[LUME] Festival two years ago and enjoyed my piece body, you will have another chance to hear it next year at @[Jazz re:freshed]!

10th Jun 20

Released today: "new dark art: @[LUME] 2015". Many, many thanks to @[Cath Roberts], @[Tom Ward], @[Colin Webster], and @[Chris Williams].