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25th Jul 09

Just passing through. I'm well: I had a great night on Thursday playing with Brookside Jazz - an evening which I spent desperately trying to remember all the tunes, but having a good time doing so. The band were on top form as per, and their guest, the multi-reedsman Ivan Ball, had lovely tone and pacing in the solos. All in all, a very enjoyable night! Of course, the Baby performed beautifully, and I was able to produce an appropriate tone for the early music - a Norvo/Hampton cross - with some unwrapped mallets and the motor speed set to turbo!

The only downsides were the taxis since the frame is still too heavy... but I think I've found an answer...

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet. A recording session with the singer Kerieva went fairly well; but there are some things to be ironed out in the mixes [as always!]. Still the music is strong and it'll be a good show in Edinburgh in August!

18th Apr 10

Alert! One the most progressive voices in hip-hop [not just U.K. hip-hop, but hip-hop full stop] has released a fantastic album with heaps of jazz-types, and me.

Ty's vibrant lyrics are conscious; the voice is powerful and [a rare thing in rap] with multiple messages, never self-indulgent.

His new album is called A Special Kind Of Fool, and I'm very honoured to be featured on the first track, called Don't Cry. You can watch the video, or better yet, get a copy of the album! I think it'll be fairly easy to get.

Note to self: I really must do the random-word-as-title thing more often.

11th May 10

Jazz Services are running a campaign to get the BBC play more jazz. This can only be a good thing, and so I'm posting this up to show support and to give you the chance to do likewise, if you wish!

You can join their campaign: or if you're a social media junkie, there's also a Facebook group.

13th Nov 10

It's all about London Jazz Festival at the moment - although I also have some writing to do for the poet Lydia Towsey, and LOTS of prep for Heralds. Speaking of which, if you'd like to hear Heralds near you, just get in touch! If you know a local promoter it'd be great to get the group out there!

19th Jan 11

I've been profiled on the award-winning Jazz Reloaded blog!

6th Feb 11

Here's one of the most creative reviews I've seen: it's for Heralds, and it's by Sarah Razvi. She's really picked out the intensity and different layers of the sound - and we hope to do it again soon!

31st Mar 11

There's being some casualties in the arts funding mish-mash with regards to jazz; but luckily EMJazz has done all right, so congratulations to them!

6th Jul 11

Was just sent this list by someone on Twitter. If you're in Europe wanting to listen to jazz this list is definitely worth a perusal...

12th Jul 11

Just received the nicest of gifts. Mr Chalklin [i.e. the maker of the mallets I buy] has just written me the best letter ever, and sent me a whole bundle of mallets. I wasn't expecting it at all - the postman had just left the package on my doorstep. They sound beautiful, just beautiful, and just in time for Manchester Jazz Festival! Really touched.

26th Jul 11

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us at Manchester Jazz Festival - we had a great time!! And Nick Malcolm - there's a name to check out, some lyrical trumpet and fantastic writing. Going to hear the Blink trio today.

6th Aug 11

Got a shock when I headed over to the Jazz Services site - it looks much better! It's a Joomla framework, which for the amount of content they have is very sensible; and it has a fresh, clean look. Great!

31st Aug 11

Gunter Hampel is a lttle-mentioned vibist in jazz media parlance; but the fact remains that anyone playing the instrument now has to deal with his musical offerings as well as those of Walt Dickerson, Khan Jamal, Bobby Naughton, Dave Pike...

Here's an inspiring interview with Hampel and Fred Jung. I encourage everyone to check out this master's music if you can: fifty-odd years of creativity!

3rd Sep 11

Composing and piano supremo Hawkins talks about travelling - the 50-80% portion of work in music.

Why 50-80%? Well, assuming each gig in jazz and improvised music is just under two hours; for the majority of gigs, each is an hour to get to [as a train user, I'm thinking more of people who drive - it takes me longer]. So I think a musician would travel two hours to play for just under two hours. It takes up a lot of time.

19th Sep 11

Last week was epic... which perhaps explains why I'm feeling very run down and virus-infested now.

It all started on Tuesday at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit in Leicester with the biblio-therapy project for Everybody's Reading [want an explanation? Ah, well I gave one on the mailing list - do it, you know you want to!] and then moved into Wednesday with Arun's Afro-coustics and Indo-vations project at the Decibel showcase in Manchester. It was a long rehearsal; but a great gig, and new drummer Eddie Hick laid it down.

I then had to prepare Lydia's show: and the CD burner would not play ball. Luckily we had some great technicians in Fiona, Oz, and Bill. My brother-in-music Dave Kane was down for that, and we performed an effective extract of the full show... and I got some very good news... that I will talk about soon...

But anyway. The next day I spent my time waiting for four o'clock: that was when I was going to get into Matt and Phred's to rehearse bassist Gavin Barras' new quintet tunes. As some of you may know I can't actually read music, but I made the effort this time. Tenor sax giant Ed Jones was on the gig - He was sounding immense! The music was also blessed by Dave Walsh on drums and Steve Plews on piano. Gavin had written the music inspired by the Blue Note "avant garde" sound, with powerful statements and great harmonies. Although I think the primary influence was Andrew Hill, some of the tunes reminded me of Tony Williams' Spring [worth checking that album out, if you can get it]. Everyone in the band "got it" and we blew up a veritable storm by the second half. Steve Berry came down to listen, and the audience loved it. Must do that again!

While all of that was happening, I began [and have now finished] my response to what some of us are calling the Group. It's a long story that has been helpfully summarised by Peter Hum.

There are lots of issues surrounding the question of the profile and status of black jazz musicians in this country; it isn't a new question by any means and in fact is something I have been talking about in many ways since 2003, from Nature's Glory, Fancy's Child, through my blog on MyOpera, and the two albums Popular Delusions and Songs for the New Folk. This is in no way a new problem.

But the ways in which we are talking about the problem possibly have remained as stagnant as the problem itself. The fact remains that the profile and status of any jazz musician in this country is not perhaps as we would like. For a small island - and let's face it, it is a small island - the lack of understanding of the national scene is shocking. The conversations are still centred inevitably around London. There's also a sense of polarisation in this discussion, and some very war-like stances that are actually creating more divisions. It's saddening.

It's an emotional issue. It should be: it's important. But the thing about emotional issues in relationships is that they require sensitive talking as well as plain speaking: an awareness of the whole picture. I think everybody is struggling through this now. Some voices are [perhaps unduly] louder than others. We are being treated as a homogeneous mass. There has always been too much shouting and over-simplification, through all the decades that this has gone on.

So I am trying, in my own way, to balance this. My view is that we have a complex situation: and it is a situation that will require some generosity of spirit, some love and care. I love my family in music. There are long yet reasonable conversations that need to be had: and, as When Daniel Barenboim said in his Reith Lecture "peace requires dialogue, a dialogue which consists of sensitive talking and often painful listening".

So I have created a space, here, where I am hoping this dialogue can occur. When there's some content, I'll announce it. It is not the solution: it's just an approach. I hope it helps.

6th Nov 11

Learning a haunting arrangement of Traumerei by Mr Mitchell, and generally just getting the house in order, testing the new 1/4 size 'cello bows, which are working a treat. London Jazz Festival in a few weeks - will be going to hear Threadgill and catch up with people!

19th Nov 11

London Jazz Festival today! I'll be down with Robert Mitchell, Dominic Lash, Dave Kane, Mat Maneri [yes], Chris Sharkey and then off to see Henry Threadgill later. Epic day!

21st Nov 11

Just got home from the London Jazz Festival - about which there is lots to say - to find a great review of Nat Birchall's album! It looks like I'm the Derbyshire Tabasco of jazz... used sparingly to enhance!

22nd Nov 11

Richard Kaby took some fantastic shots of the London Jazz Festival gig!

8th Dec 11

This is more a joke/response than anything else.

1) I was on a music discussion panel with a music journalist who stated that people didn't care about people who played instruments on records any more; that people couldn't really tell the difference between computer music and live music; that live music was irrelevant; And that owning 5000 tracks of classic soul on his iPod wasn't the ultimate irony.

2) Over the course of my "career" in music I have been told to make music that sounds more like the music other people make. I actually think I do this fairly often; but still...

And so, here is a bebop-influenced smooth jazz-fusion solo on MIDI vibes over synth strings and bass, with a fairly regular [yet quantised] beat. Not that anyone listening would know, of course. Will it make the charts?

The Lick is in there for reference just so you can clock the genre!

20th Dec 11

@[the trio] is in the running for Marsden Jazz Festival - please vote for us and any other bands you fancy the sound of...

26th Dec 11

What a lovely Christmas! A walk; a great meal; lots of gentle drinking and playing games; a tinge of sadness as I got Graham Collier's book the jazz composer - but it is a fab read; and chance to sit still for a few hours. Feeling very peaceful. Hope yours was good!

22nd Feb 12

Was actually reading another interview from this site - but what Braxton says about the New York scene from that time has curious parallels with now, over here.

23rd Feb 12

I've done my fair share of ranting - here and here as examples - around the subject of jazz and race and how it is discussed.

Part of my issue with most commentaries is that they far too simplistic in their thinking. Racial politics is complex. It isn't something you can just say "my truth is the truth". But this is rarely reflected in any of the writing I have seen. So it's really refreshing to read this from journalist Nate Chinen. Have a look.

3rd Apr 12

A quiet day today. I've been asked to script a small feature for Jazz on 3 about jazz and race, so I'm currently doing that. Also doing the listings/posters for One Note Sunday... May will be around soon!

11th Apr 12

Had a really enlightening day yesterday - chatting to Orphy Robinson, Django Bates and Shabaka Hutchings about the music here and dynamics of race, for Jazz on 3. Not sure exactly when it's going out - there's so much to edit! But with luck it will spark some thoughts in the area and prompt reasonable discussions. I certainly learned a hell of a lot.

16th Apr 12

If you get chance, I'm going to be on Radio 3 tonight - they're broadcasting the set I did with @[Robert Mitchell] at London Jazz Festival! Tune in!

11th May 12

Just caught my eye... there's some real resonance there for me with the One Note Sunday nights.

4th Jun 12

Just heard from Bearwood Jazz that Andy Hamilton passed away yesterday.

I first met Andy Hamilton when I used to do the door for Alan Cross at the Bear, whilst I was at university. Years later, I attended the jams at the Drum, and actually played with the group on a good number of occasions.

The surreal thing is that - foolishly - I always felt that he'd basically keep going, and had no real concept of his passing - the last time I heard him [by which point Sam Brown had passed away] he was playing better and stronger than ever, and that whole band [John Hoo, Mr Evans et al.] - were really supportive and encouraging of the whole Birmingham scene. A foundation of British jazz has been lost.

6th Jun 12

Had a fantastic couple of gigs with Nick Malcolm's quartet: first up in Derby and then down to Bristol where I was depping for Alex Hawkins. Finally got to play with Get The Blessing's Jake McMurchie who I first met at the BBC Jazz Awards! This is a great review of the gig.

9th Jun 12

For me, one of the interesting things about working with people that write/play very sophisticated music is hearing the linkages and connections that new music has with older 20th Century music. I'm thinking about my experiences with people like Robert Mitchell, Alex Hawkins, Nick Malcolm, et al., who use a language that's thoroughly informed by music of the last two hundred years or so.

Immersing oneself into that sound world - checking out the whole spectrum of jazz, Webern, Ravel, Bartok, Stravinsky, Ligeti, Arnold, Weir, and so on - is as an essential part of knowing how to play these songs as it is to be able to read them [which, in my case, is not all that essential at all since I cannot read music notation].

10th Jun 12

I think the effects of loss in a small community [for that is how I see it] are so clearly articulated in the jazz/improv. scene I'm in. We're all connected; sometimes very loosely if at all [I only met Tony Marsh once, I think], other times stronger [as in the case with Andy Hamilton]. It's not like they're blood-linked family, but there's a real sense of loss.

11th Jun 12

This morning: looking at the musify editor again - and if you're a musician and haven't seen it, please give it a go! - and doing some more work on the Derby Jazz commission, which if you were on my mailing list, you'd know a bit about!

I'm also doing some more back-end work on the site so I can share quicker and more efficiently to Facebook and Twitter [and thus not have to visit them as often]. Strangely, doing the hook-up to Facebook has been simple: there's still a lot I don't know about JSON object parsing for Twitter...

4th Aug 12

SCHMAZZ and Jazz North East are two cornerstones of presenting high quality jazz and contemporary creative music in Britain and Ireland, all through year. It\'s run by volunteers [as most jazz organisation are] and with a considerably smaller subsidy than some organisations I can think of who do work in smaller and more affluent areas.

Their loss would affect the whole area and many many musicians on the scene. So this short press release can only be seen as great news. Let\'s hope it can continue...

15th Sep 12

A refreshing perspective to counter the messiah complex/Great Man theory outlook that pervades conversations about the history of jazz:

You hear about the Duke Ellingtons, the Jimmie Luncefords, and the Fletcher Hendersons, but people sometimes forget that jazz was not only built in the minds of the great ones, but on the backs of the ordinary ones. ~ Cab Calloway

26th Sep 12

The saxophonist David Liebman presents an expansive and realistic perspective on the benefits of jazz education to students in the U.S. Jazz Times.

Although I have seen others write about how the craft of jazz can be applied widely through transferable skills, this is the first article of that ilk I\'ve read that marks out something essential for me in higher education: that the things you learn at university, college and school go beyond their mere practical applications. Well worth a read.

31st Jan 13

Got to see the Orrery DVD yesterday. It looks amazing! It was also the first time I\'d heard the the first half, and was really pleased with it. Not sure when it\'ll be ready, but if you sign up as a Friend of Derby Jazz, they\'ll send you a copy for free: you\'ll also be helping them keep going!

18th Mar 13

don\'t overthink it has arrived. I\'ll try to get the orders out as soon as I can - off to Liverpool tomorrow so a slight delay, but still. IT IS HERE. And it\'s already got a lovely review courtesy of All About Jazz. Go get it!

16th Apr 13

Here\'s me, Robert and HKB FiNN on cajon at the excellent Jazz re:freshed.

15th May 13

Just a quick note to express heartfelt thanks to Kostas and everyone at Duende Jazz Bar, and all who came out to hear @[Nat Birchall]'s quintet. The kindness, friendship and respect that we received was a pure blessing.

20th May 13

So - you know how I decide I have too much money and occasionally programme things? I'm doing that again, but this time with some help.

Last year I was approached by Derby Jazz and asked if I'd like to select some gigs, and arrange them into a series to run alongside their usual programme. Second Line is the result; a reference to the drumming style as well as the parallel nature of the series. They're quite spread out; but I think they represent some really exciting new music!

The first gig in the series is Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri. Lucian and Mat have been to Derby before - I know this because I brought them here last time, and they've asked me to join them again which is a fantastic honour. Their new album received a four-star review in the Guardian and the upcoming concert is a Guardian gig of the week, which is great. I really hope you can make it down - 7pm on a Wednesday means most people can make it back home at a late but not unreasonable hour, but with luck still allows time to eat some dinner beforehand. Hope the series inspires you to come out and hear some great music!

9th Jun 13

Beautifully clear video by Robert Laing from Splinter Jazz. The sound was great in the room and fantastic on this video. Andy and Ntshuks [who really should be recognised as a unique and masterful voice on the saxophone] are amazing on this.

19th Jun 13

There's no description to this live video, but I'm pretty sure that it's NHØP on bass and Kenny Drew on piano; if the drummer is Alex Riel [and I think it is] then this is in Montmartre from the early 1960s and possibly around the time Kirk in Copenhagen was recorded: however, that record has Tete Montoliu and J. C. Moses, and according to the Jazz Discography Kirk never recorded with either Drew or Riel.

22nd Sep 13

New Ramble: A blow to Jazz North East -

3rd Oct 13

Similarly, I had several prejudiced thoughts on jazz education until maybe four years ago. When I was asked about it this year, I said:

7th Oct 13

Going to Marsden Jazz Festival? Then get some BATTERIES! Me, @[Andy Champion], @[Chris Sharkey] and @[Mark Sanders]:

12th Oct 13

So - off at 7:42a.m. in the rain to get to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] today! Batteries ahoy!

13th Oct 13

My shoulder is wrecked! But it was well worth it. The @[Marsden Jazz Festival] gig with Batteries was great, just great. I was given a lift to the venue by a complete stranger [thank you Sam!]; met up with @[Matthew Bourne] before his elegaic commission piece for synths and keyboards; was surprised by @[Walt Shaw], who'd come up to see the gig; and then played in a storming set with @[Andy Champion], @[Mark Sanders] and @[Chris Sharkey] to a full and listening audience! Also caught a bit of Laura Jurd's quintet set, with the singer Lauren Kinsella making an impact - fantastic voice and skill!

16th Oct 13

Extremely excited about @[Jazz re:freshed] tomorrow!

18th Oct 13

@[Jazz re:freshed] was hot, so hot. Thanks to everyone who came along! Hear more of the trio at

29th Oct 13

New Ramble: Jazz in the North East: questions -

29th Oct 13

As a follow-up to my questions, please support this: Jazz North East is a one in a million jazz organisation.

30th Oct 13

Next week I'm in ^{Vortex Jazz Club} with @[Dave Kane] and @[Joshua Blackmore]! Hope to see you there.

2nd Nov 13

This month the trio with @[Dave Kane] & @[Joshua Blackmore] is five years old! Catch us at ^{Vortex Jazz Club} on the 7th:

4th Nov 13

On Thursday - ^{Vortex Jazz Club} with @[the trio]!

7th Nov 13

Arrived at ^{Vortex Jazz Club} and tired already. Anyone near Dalston?

8th Nov 13

Such a lovely time tonight at ^{Vortex Jazz Club}. Open living music! @[JoshuaBlackmore], @[Dave Kane] and I had a blast.

11th Nov 13

In @[London Jazz Festival] twice this year! with @[Rachel Musson] on Tue 19th, and Sonsale on the 24th:

12th Nov 13

Here's a simple jazz question that I'm having trouble with: who wrote Ornithology?

14th Nov 13

Looks like Jazz North East still needs our help:

14th Nov 13

The first time I played for Jazz North East was with @[Alexander Hawkins]:

14th Nov 13

First time I met @[Mat Maneri] and @[Andy Champion] was through Jazz North East.

14th Nov 13

And JNE also put together the quartet I'm going with to @[London Jazz Festival] : oemb::

14th Nov 13

It's unlikely that I'm the only musician who can speak of Jazz North East as a strong developing force for our scene.

18th Nov 13

@[London Jazz Festival] jaunt tomorrow with @[Rachel Musson]!

19th Nov 13

Right. LONDON. See you for jazz/improv later?

26th Nov 13

I was about to write a Sherrineqsue piece about @[London Jazz Festival], but stopped. Suffice to say, I saw many people and it was fun.

2nd Dec 13

It is all too easy to have all-star players in a team that essentially doesn't work. This is known in all fields which require a creative outlook to collaboration, like sports, business and music. It isn't enough to be good at what you do in those situations: you have to be able to work towards a vision, to listen and respond to others around you, as well as the flexibility to take things to another place.

Luckily, Glasgow Improvisers' Orchestra has these skills [and the drive to use them] in abundance through all its members. Seeing a large ensemble where you don't notice its weight - where you hear considered improvisiation - where there is a real sense of joy in the music making - these things are rare: and GIO should be celebrated for that. Their work with Marylin Crispell, Gino Robair, Maggie Nichols and Gail Brand was stunning: I think Jazz on 3 will broadcast it at some point; catch it when you can.

Similarly, Maggie Nichols and Marylin Crispell - improvisation at its very best! I was totally blown away by this set - it was thoroughly inspiring. As for Sonsale, well that was just the usual drink-fuelled laugh fest that I particularly enjoy. We had a few small ideas that we plucked out for each gig of the "tour", and our working together is so much quicker than last time: I really hope we can do again sooner than later!

3rd Dec 13

Here's a simple jazz question. Is Lennie Bird by Tristano based on How High The Moon or Ornithology?

11th Dec 13

Sad to read that Jim Hall has passed away. He was a real formative influence on me in terms of his use of space; and his work with Paul Desmond and Art Farmer was inspirational.

27th Dec 13

New gig: Jazz North East Fundraiser -

9th Jan 14

Between the writing about jazz, I've been trying to think about mediaeval notation, and organisation of improvisation.

13th Mar 14

Luckily Lancaster Jazz were able to find another venue...

14th Mar 14

Sonsale [w. @[Andy Champion], Valentin Ceccaldi and Sylvain Darrifourcq] will be Jazz on 3 in a fortnight!

22nd Mar 14

Sonsale will be on Jazz on 3 on Monday! Tune into BBC Radio 3, or catch us on the BBC iPlayer next week...

24th Mar 14

Quick reminder: Sonsale is on Jazz on 3 tonight! But you can also catch it on the BBC iPlayer during the week.

4th Apr 14

New gig: Solo at Jazz In The Round -

9th Apr 14

New gig: Manchester Jazz Festival: Nat Birchall Quintet -

9th Apr 14

New gig: Manchester Jazz Festival: Engine Room Favourites -

26th Apr 14

Had some really nice responses to the jazz contrafacts essay: glad people are enjoying it!

13th May 14

Just read that @[Chris Hodgkins] is retiring from Jazz Services. I hope he has a wonderful time after all his hard work over the years...

19th May 14

SO MUCH FUN with @[the trio] yesterday. Thanks to @[Derby Jazz] for putting us on, and everyone who came along or spread the word!

27th May 14

Thanks to everyone who came to Jazz in The Round last night... it was a blast! Cello bow replacement this week though...

26th Jun 14

To Nottingham! Working with @[Nottingham Jazz Steps] with two schools, creating new collaborative work.

30th Jun 14

Off to Nottingham again today for the @[Nottingham Jazz Steps] schools improv project!

2nd Jul 14

New Ramble: Jazz Services

2nd Jul 14

Some good news: many, many congratulations to @[Jazz re:freshed] on achieving NPO status! Great things to come, I'm sure. Well desevered!

3rd Jul 14

I am currently adding more thoughts to my piece on @[Jazz Services]. Have a read, comments welcome.

3rd Jul 14

Great day with @[Nottingham Jazz Steps] and two schools. Not even the spicy chicken salad explosion in my bag can upset me!

6th Jul 14

Just read this very informative [and informed] article on @[Jazz Services] via @[The Jazz Breakfast].

6th Jul 14

New Ramble: grow/retain: Jazz Services

8th Jul 14

Hoping there is a healthy mix of people at the @[Jazz Services] meeting tomorrow...

8th Jul 14

You can read [and respond to!] what I'd attempt to say at the @[Jazz Services] meeting.

9th Jul 14

Worth a look: @[The Jazz Breakfast] has a PDF of Chris Hodgkins' response to the @[Jazz Services] meeting.

18th Jul 14

@[Manchester Jazz Festival] next week! Very excited to be guesting in @[Adam Fairhall]'s "Imaginary Delta" with amazing poet, Jackie Kay...

24th Jul 14

Top night with @[Nat Birchall] at @[Manchester Jazz Festival]! Now with Martin Archer later today...

25th Jul 14

As someone said yesterday, FIERCE music yesterday with Martin Archer's Engine Room Favourites at @[Manchester Jazz Festival]!

26th Jul 14

Arts Council England responds publicly to Dominic McGonigal's letter for @[Jazz Services]...

28th Jul 14

New Ramble: Epistrophe: JPN/Jazz Services

9th Aug 14

Did you know that I programme occasional improv gigs for @[Derby Jazz]? Check out #2ndline!

25th Aug 14

New additions to the @[Derby Jazz] #2ndline! Take a look...

28th Aug 14

New gig: Nat Birchall 5tet @ Jazz In The Round -

30th Oct 14

Just some site house-keeping: thanks to Marcus Povey's Open Graph Library, you may see prettier sharing of links [well, some of them]. The site already uses OEmbed so I'm just widening the net. Clearly any technology I use on my site gets passed on to @[cognizance].

Music-wise, I'm thinking and scheming for the next "studio" recording for @[the trio]. With luck, it'll coincide with the tour during April/May. If you'd like to see us near you, badger your local jazz organisation!

17th Nov 14

@[the trio] hits @[London Jazz Festival] with @[Anton Hunter] and @[Cath Roberts] tomorrow...

18th Nov 14

@[London Jazz Festival] craziness part one today!

23rd Feb 15

New gig: Jazz Nursery -

23rd Feb 15

New gig: Jazz at The Lescar -

30th Apr 15

@[Yana] is at @[Jazz re:freshed] today! Band's on at 10p.m.; tunes beforehand!

12th Jun 15

New gig: Spaven Four @ Jazz Re:freshed -

22nd Jun 15 revisiting out Schuller's "Jazz Abstractions".

23rd Jun 15

From last Thursday with @[Rich Spaven] at @[Jazz re:freshed]

23rd Jul 15

Video of @[Richard Spaven]'s quartet at @[Jazz re:freshed]!

23rd Aug 15

2ndline/@[Derby Jazz] gigs now up!

28th Aug 15

New gig: Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival -

2nd Sep 15

I was interviewed by Sussex Jazz Magazine! Also contains opinions on funding.

13th Sep 15

@[yana] had a ball at @[Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival]! Thanks for coming if you did!

29th Oct 15

Not long until @[London Jazz Festival]: first gig is with @[Rachel Musson]! Here's our first gig.

29th Oct 15

Second @[London Jazz Festival] gig is with @[Robert Mitchell] on 14th Nov

17th Nov 15

@[London Jazz Festival] has been a blast so far; @but next week it's @[JazzUK] #4jazz and @[GIO]!

16th Dec 15

#2ndline gigs now on @[Derby Jazz] website... with @[Ripsaw Catfish] in January!

11th Jan 16

Sunday: @[Derby Jazz] presents @[Ripsaw Catfish]!

22nd Jun 16

How/whether we present our identities through that experience is a defining question in jazz and improvised music.

17th Aug 16

Finished (or not?) notating the @[Jazz North East] commission, coming up in December...

2nd Sep 16

Nifty tidy-up of the @[Jazz North East] commission...

2nd Sep 16

And the new @[Derby Jazz] season starts today! Glad to feature our local scene for the first gig.

11th Sep 16

Newcastle-wards today, rehearsing my piece for @[Jazz North East], "resilience underground".

29th Sep 16

A brief break from PhD-ness: some admin for @[Derby Jazz] followed by @[Out Front!] tonight!

1st Oct 16

October in Derby with @[Out Front!] and @[Derby Jazz]...

27th Oct 16

Wow. The Week is done! Many, many thanks to @[Arts Council England], Jazz North and Exttemeties Podiatry Clinic for sponsoring and supporting the series; all the musicians who made it possible; the venues for being so accommodating; the audiences who came to the gigs; and especially to the @[Out Front!] team: Claire Furlong, Ian Perry, Cath Roberts, George Grignon, and Walt Shaw. There's still more to come, but I think I'll be taking a few days off now!

28th Oct 16

"New" addition to the gigs page: the other gigs I programme for @[Derby Jazz] and @[Out Front!].

5th Nov 16

Had a great time at @[Nat Birchall]'s gig last night for @[Derby Jazz]; and had a bit of play too!

3rd Dec 16

Nice interview with @[Jazz North East] ahead of the Fluid Orchestra gig!

7th Dec 16

...then rehearsals on Sunday for the @[Jazz North East] commission, which we play on Tuesday!

14th Dec 16

Great gig with the @[Jazz North East] Fluid Orchestra last night!

21st Dec 16

I'd like to thank everyone who has attended, played at, or supported the @[Out Front!] and @[Derby Jazz] gigs this year. Derby has felt special with your presence!

21st Mar 17

Here's an incomplete map of British and Irish jazz/improv venues.

24th Mar 17

The small harvest continues! Jasper Høiby tomorrow for @[Derby Jazz]!

10th Apr 17

The small harvest continues @[Derby Jazz] and @[Out Front!] gigs this month...

6th May 17

Lovely review of Sunshine! Quartet from Sandy Brown Jazz!

14th Jul 17

This is empty! If you have an upcoming jazz/improv gig in Briatin or Ireland, please feel free to list it here:

14th Jul 17

And if you want to look at a large but incomplete map of British and Irish jazz/improv venues:

25th Aug 17

If you haven't seen the new Derby Jazz listings yet, take a look!

31st Aug 17

Spirit Farm rides! Sunday at @[Jazz North East]!

21st Sep 17

Looking forward to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] with @[Andy Champion] in a couple of weeks!!

2nd Oct 17

Looking forwards to @[Marsden Jazz Festival] on Saturday!

7th Oct 17

Today: @[Marsden Jazz Festival]!

8th Oct 17

Great to bump into @[Robert Mitchell], @[Richard Olatunde Baker], and @[Liran Donin] at @[Marsden Jazz Festival]... if @[Rachel Musson] were here I could have done the @[LUME] commission again!

17th Nov 17

Today! And I'll be heading down to London early to see what I can see of @[London Jazz Festival]...

20th Nov 17

Molde Jazz archive TV programmes - several years to plough through here. Enjoy.

31st Dec 17

Four years ago, I asked for suggestions of classic jazz* reviews... have you read any reviews over the last year that have displayed knowledge, skill and effort in the writing?

31st Dec 17

While I'm thinking about reviews, here's an article from almost SIX years ago about jazz* critique:

24th Jan 18

I love mining Ben Sidran's Talking Jazz - so many amazing interviews, including this one with Betty Carter.

7th Feb 18

Just been reminded of this from 2005... me, Evan Parker and @[Orphy Robinson] playing at Jazz Britannia. Photo by Gareth Simmons

6th Mar 18

Here's a tree (or, as Tom rightly said, a rhizome) of jazz and improv musicians in Britain and Ireland. It is not complete, but we started it on Sunday - and what is complete, nowadays?

@[Tom Ward] did the insane JavaScript; I did the PHP.

13th Mar 18

Good morning. THE RHIZOME panel has been refreshed with the new group filter tools. Still lots of people missing from here, I think!

18th Apr 18

Did you know that to date, THE RHIZOME is the largest on-line snapshot of people currently involved in jazz and improvised music in Britain and Ireland? And also that it is still woefully incomplete?

26th Apr 18

But the main thing was - I was really enjoying the way of working, melding the technology with what I knew from my jazz-rooted practice, to make new music. And (I think) it was new music at the time, in all senses.

30th Apr 18

Not ready yet, but on its way: mapping of British/Irish jazz and improv organisations (promoters, labels &c.). Here's a glimpse of the form so far.

1st May 18

Almost there with the (infra)structures mapping... here's a peek at Derby Jazz. The area shows the venues they use (although the area it covers is clearly wider - so is this a sensible way of doing this?).

1st May 18

Okay. New resource, currently very empty, and in a VERY early form: (infra)structure(s). Have a look, let me know. #jazz #improv

23rd May 18

The 12th International Jazz Conference in Graz was fascinating, intense, near giddying. Lots of new connections; old friendships. Plenty to think about. My own presentation went well, although I did run out of time.

2nd Jun 18

Who are your favourite adventurous writers in #jazz/#improv/Great Black Music/#creativemusic today? By "adventurous", I mean those who FIND things to listen to/write about rather than waiting for the next press release.

4th Aug 18

More pointedly: bearing in mind one of the persistent metaphors used by jazz musicians about improvising is speaking, is "the linguistic turn away" a respectful vantage point for musicologists in jazz studies?

4th Aug 18

This is not to say (of course) that all jazz/improv musicians aim to "speak". Even with my own biases (music is a communicative act, even if that communication is ambiguous), I work with musicians who just don't feel the same about it.

8th Sep 18

Here's me and an unfinished selection of the people I've worked with in Britain and Ireland. #RHIZOME #jazz #improv #sociality

21st Sep 18

If you were at the @[LUME] Festival two years ago and enjoyed my piece body, you will have another chance to hear it next year at @[Jazz re:freshed]!

6th Oct 18

Fascinating range of talks at the Aesthetics of Imperfection day! Had to duck out for air, but will be heading back in soon... @[Jazz North East]

13th Oct 18

Going through old photos -- forgot to post this to show the long arm of @[Jazz re:freshed] in Derby earlier this year!

20th Nov 18

Interesting new jazz magazine started by Jason Moran:

17th Dec 18

Tomorrow! @[yana] (with @[Dave Kane] and @[Joshua Blackmore]) heads to Vortex Jazz Club! If you haven't seen us before, you should come down because you WON'T get the chance again!

22nd Dec 18

Nice review for @[yana] as part of The Shape of Jazz To Come two-parter!

11th Jan 19

Glorious gig in Nottingham! A fitting final show with my brothers @[Dave Kane] and @[Joshua Blackmore]... thank you so much @[Nottingham Jazz Steps]!

22nd Jan 19

Had a fun session of talking and thinking about jazz this morning with the students at Goldsmiths! Still at New Cross, collecting thoughts for my talk...

31st Jan 19

Quick peek in Eastside Jazz Club before my talk - lovely display of jazz magazines from around the world! They come the National Jazz Archive here in BCU, worth checking out!!

4th Feb 19

Scorching gig in Newcastle @[Jazz North East] with nth (@[Andy Champion], @[Laura Cole], @[Johnny Hunter]) The tunes work! Thanks so much for coming if you did, it was emotional.

28th Feb 19

London today for the last time, at @[Jazz re:freshed] with @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Richard Olatunde Baker] and @[Liran Donin]!

1st Mar 19

Such a good night at @[Jazz re:freshed] last night! Thanks to @[Robert Mitchell], @[Rachel Musson], @[Liran Donin], and @[Richard Olatunde Baker]; and the fantastic audience! AND to Bunny, Justin, Adam, and Gus for my present!

16th Apr 19

From @[Jazz re:freshed]...

12th Jul 19

If you enjoyed the recent Jazz 625 or jazz on TV this might be right up your street! It's free and in October, so plenty of time to plan!

1st Sep 19

Had some radio play for NTH from Dan Spicer's The Mystery Lesson (last show though... pity) and Peter Slavid's European Jazz show (Hayes FM/Mixcloud)! If you haven't checked it out yet... please do!

18th Oct 19

Acquire NTH from @[Discus Music]!

"seething and muscular one minute, ultra-delicate the next" -- @[Jazzwise]

"A compelling release." -- @[Jazz Journal]

19th Dec 19

Buy NTH from @[Discus Music]!

"exciting, utile, calming, beautiful and intellectually functional" @[The Wire]

"seething and muscular one minute, ultra-delicate the next" @[Jazzwise]

"A compelling release" @[Jazz Journal]

16th Jan 20

I'm helping out at @[Documenting Jazz] in @[BCU Jazz Research] for the week: specifically at registration. So I WILL see you if you're going!

17th Jan 20

Second day of @[Documenting Jazz]! Hoping to get to some of the talks today.

21st Jan 20

Off to Goldsmiths College, London to start this year's "What Is Jazz?" lectures with Tom Perchard!

28th Jan 20

Pleased to announce that I have just joined the board of trustees for @[National Jazz Archive]!

5th Feb 20

Birmingham on Monday London on the Tuesday Salford on the Wednesday Birmingham on Thursday Derby Jazz on Friday Dead on the Saturday Buried on the Sunday Up again on Monday

7th Feb 20

I've resigned as the artistic director of Derby Jazz. Thanks to everyone I've worked with over the last three-and-a-bit years; I'm sorry it couldn't have been longer...

27th Feb 20

Looking forward to another day in Birmingham: @[BCU Jazz Research]//@[PGR Studio]!

29th Feb 20

(?)voke: two is out! All about reality, validation, and promises unfulfilled. Also contains "Ship steering", which those who attended last year's Edinburgh Napier Jazz Summer School might recognize!

23rd Apr 20

Jazz standards are what I play when I have some rest time. I love playing them, and they're usually just for me. But the presence of the sun got me in the mood!

28th May 20

I'm very happy to note that #Freeness has been nominated for an APPJAG jazz media award. Apparently it's for me as a presenter, but @[Rebecca Gaskell] @[Reduced Listening] and @[BBC Radio 3] do the heavy lifting!

1st Jul 20

Freeness has won a APPJAG Jazz Media Award this year. Many thanks to those who nominated us.

11th Jul 20

Found this on an old drive! Loved this gig -- Black Top at Cafe Oto during (but not part of) London Jazz Festival. Totally inspiring to play with people whose music I'd consumed so much of...

Photo by Roger Thomas.

4th Sep 20

Thanks to London Jazz News for this lovely review of the duo album with Rachel Musson!

4th Nov 20

I made a mixtape of jazz for @[BBC Radio 3] and @[BBC Sounds]! Coming up soon.

14th Nov 20

And if you missed it, I was on earlier this morning with my jazz 'mixtape'!

4th Dec 20

Just heard the sad news about Ron Mathewson. Was loving the work that he was doing with Jazz In Britain (Matt Parker/John Thurlow) and releasing many excellent recordings from his collection.

16th Jan 21

Excited to be taking part and facilitating in this jazz practice research conference on Monday!

3rd Mar 21

Thank you, @[Free Jazz Collective], for this feature with the albums by @[Nick Malcolm] and @[Rachel Musson]. A nice surprise!

30th Apr 21

Tomorrow! I'm on #JtoZ on @[BBC Radio 3] talking about three pieces of music that inspired me. There are also some highlights from Cheltenham Jazz Festival!

30th Apr 21

For International Jazz Day, I've made "systems, sutras" 1-8 available on general release for the day! Of course, if you subscribe, you will get these anyway! Here's "sleep on(wards)" from no. 4.

21st May 21

Take a look at "Higher music education and the surrounding world", an open access volume from NMH! It includes a chapter written by me and @[Guro Gravem Johansen] that explores jazz, education and ideas surrounding democracy.

23rd May 21

Long overdue update to the "recordings" and "who?" pages, with the "who?" page getting an refreshed (and current) discography. Nice reminder that I've released quite a bit of music...

24th May 21

It's Libraries Week. I owe my love of and engagement with jazz to libraries. Later, I worked in them for about four years. It's difficult to overstate the importance of a free, public building where one can read, listen, reflect, and gather.