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10th Mar 11

Hi! head to Heralds on Soundcloud and listen to the Newcastle recording! Off to London now for a gig with Lydia Towsey at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, then two weeks with Arun Ghosh's quintet around Germany and Austria.

12th Mar 11

... Then yesterday listened to the fantastic Get The Blessing and had a great start with Arun for Germany!

18th Mar 11

Well. Germany has been fantastich, so to speak. The sound engineers here are marvels. They really know what they're doing. The trains are almost never late, and have space for anything. Even the old ones. People are friendly. A beautiful country.

31st Mar 11

Just testing more code... sorry. Today is a quiet day as it stands: working on an arrangement of Poulenc'S La Reine de Coeur, and recovering from Germany!

12th May 11

Wonderful singer Juliet Kelly has posted a very interesting read - in which she mentions that's it's difficult to get journalists out to gigs. I ask: why is it easier for a publication to send a journalist out to Bremen in Germany than to Crawley?

20th Dec 14

Looking forward to Christmas; and February, when I hit Germany with @[Rachel Musson] for a week! More info soon...

1st Feb 15

@[Rachel Musson] and I are having a great time in Germany! The gig in Bochum last night was lovely, looking forward to Münster tonight!

3rd Feb 15

New Ramble: Germany update