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Six months ago, a friend of mine half-joked that I'd entered "the mainstream" this year. I had to sit back and laugh: and as I am writing this, my thoughts unbidden and only lightly censored, I am not only considering what has changed (and that's a lot!), but also remembering myself at another time when I was definitely considered "outside". I felt that my voice would not be listened to on almost any level; and in some cases that viewpoint was proven. I was grateful for anyone and everyone who got me and my music through another year.

Over the years my voice has become louder, and now I know that even if the meaning of my words is ignored, my words are still felt. But what has not changed is my gratitude. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my continuation of attempts in music this year.

Thank you to everyone who attended gigs (whether I've been playing or putting them on). This year has been a tough one in many ways, but it has been occasionally exciting, and filled with some magical moments.

In terms of programming, I am still determined and committed to make Derby a really good place for jazz and improvised music. Derby Jazz continues apace, as you would expect for a thirty-year-old. The baby, Out Front!, might take a bit longer than planned to start up again, and it may need your support as well: but when it does, I think it will be truly transformational for artists nationally, and from abroad. So cross all the fingers and toes!

And in terms of performing, I am not quite finished yet. I'm planning a couple of quartets playing my early written material. They will be live bands primarily. There will be more of yana, and more besides.

Thanks also to everyone who has bought and shared my music (including the newest album). I have had downloads of my music available since 2001-2, but it is still really encouraging to have that support. I have launched a new subscription option for yana which gives access to music we haven't released. There are already two supporter-only releases up! It will be sporadic, but I hope you enjoy the unheard music.

I listened to a lot of music this year, and most of it was fantastic. No lists from me, but I urge you to check out as much as you can, and be curious; there is more than appears in the magazines! See you next year.

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