Corey Mwamba



This year I am offering one-on-one sessions in improvisation theory and practice.

I look at improvisation in its broadest and deepest sense, as a skill essential to the art and craft of music, not restricted to jazz. For those who are new to improvisation, I can help get past that first question: what do I play? and develop a personal language. With more experienced musicians, we can talk about different theories or focus on specific issues. Additionally I can also share my personal approach to tonal improvisation.

There are no grades or exams; but as we work together I hope you will hear the benefits in your playing.

My rate is £35 per hour to teach in Derby, and there will be a supplement if I have to travel.

If you're interested, please get in touch through the Contact page form, choosing the "Lesson enquiry" option. If you are looking for group or day sessions, please say so in your message.

I am not offering instrument tuition. A few people have asked me for this over the years, but I'm afraid I am still not able to do this.

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