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Er... yes. Sorry. It has been very quiet on here... and in general. The reasons for this are manifold; but it doesn't matter, I'm back on it now.

It's been long enough for me not to remember the last time I was on here. So:

In short, I did a barrage of gigs with the Mitchell, which were all great. Walt and I did a fantastic thing at the Royal Northern College of Music with some cool students—I earned a drink by fixing up a vibraphone and played "Guess the saxophonist". Oh, and we played too.

I had a nightmare with bills over the last few months as I literally ran after organisations to pay me—no names [although it did cross my mind]; but it highlights to me again how absolutely inconsiderate some arts organisations are when it comes to pulling through on work. But that's the job I guess.

I appeared in August's Jazzwise Magazine! It's not on the web, so you'll have to buy a copy. I was interviewed and thankfully the article doesn't make me sound foolish; it also has a lovely smiley photo.

There's other stuff, like the new[-ish] laptop; but it's extremely boring. So if you'll excuse me, I have scores to write and send to people. Oh, I've got a very exciting trip coming up in the next couple of weeks—I'll tell you about it when I get back. But if everything works out, it'll be VERY exciting [there's that word again].

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