Corey Mwamba


And the winner is...

Fraud, obviously. Which is good as they are a good band. It would have been nice, but... that's the law of gravity, as almost nobody says. I had a good time anyway, arriving fairly early to hang out with the lads from Fraud, Shaney, Josh, Sam Burgess and Tom Cawley. I also met Barry Cryer, which was great!

The concert itself was nowhere near as painful as I thought it was going to be, and in fact I DID enjoy some of it: but there weren't any surprises on the awards front except for the pleasant surprise of The Blessing [with whom I think I will swapping a fair few PHP stories...].

Afterwards the inevitable media bash with refreshments was laid on, and I was surprised to have people talk to me and ask what I was doing next in a genuine manner. Anyone that knows me well knows that the industry and I have an arrangement of non-interference, so will be proud that I didn't spontaneously combust. There were also really cool people like Julian Joseph, Cleveland Watkiss and Phil Robson there.

So, VERY LARGE THANKS if you voted for me: I promise to do better next time, but it was an honour to be asked anyway.

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