1. Cross-browser

    musify displays readable information in any browser with Unicode support, including text-only browsers; and is properly formatted in any web browser with decent CSS3 support.

  2. Quick

    You can produce chord sheets as fast as you type. musify uses an easy-to-learn symbol substitution and comes with full documentation.

  3. Text-based

    Chord symbols are made up of text - so why use an image? Using text reduces the weight of web pages, saves time in conversion. musify is ideal for making online educational tutorials and writing academic theses.

  4. Adaptable

    It can be used in self-authored web pages as PHP or JavaScript, or as plug-ins for Wordpress (stable) or Drupal (experimental). For the less technically-minded it can also be hot-linked into your pages.

  5. Flexible

    musify doesn't constrain your notational or harmonic choices. Pop/jazz chords, Roman notation, figured bass, Macro analysis and set theory pitch classes can be written.

  6. Free

    musify is and always will be free to use, and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public Licence.