Corey Mwamba


Manchester Jazz Festival (double bill with Nick Malcolm quartet)

Festival Pavilion, Albert Square, Manchester M2 5DB, England

Donations invited

Two bands of distinctive players embracing the rhythmic and harmonic demands of modern jazz but well-versed in free improvisation and composition...

Nick Malcolm Quartet
Nick Malcolm - trumpet
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Olie Brice - double bass
Mark Whitlam - drums

Nick's pieces -- referencing the music of Wayne Shorter and Tim Berne -- provide just the right amount of groove and harmony to be moving and intellectually stimulating, and ample space for expansive exploration by the musicians.

Corey Mwamba | Dave Kane | Joshua Blackmore
Led by Corey's lightning touch at the vibes, each of these players has a wide expressive range and command of their instrument, improvising pieces that sound as if they're pre-composed: drum 'n' bass, African music, folk and free jazz are all evident in their muscular, exhilarating and elemental music.