Corey Mwamba


Very Long Splinter

Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1RQ, England


That's right - up from London to Newcastle. I'll make it to be blessed by the joy that is Ntshuks Bonga and Andy Champion, but if you're in the North East you should be going to whole day:

  • 1.00pm: Lindsay Hannon Plus
  • 2.00pm: Paul Edis Sextet
  • 3.00pm: Ex Extreme
  • 4.00pm: Wilbur's Fate
  • 5.00pm: Zoe Gilby & Andy Champion
  • 6.00pm: Mark Williams Trio
  • 7.00pm: Ntshuks Bonga & Friends
  • 8.30pm: Legohead