Corey Mwamba


The Venus Papers

Darwin Suite (Assembly Rooms), Market Place, Derby DE1 3AH, England


Written and performed by Lydia Towsey
Edited and directed by Jean Binta Breeze
What if Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, were to wash up in the 21st Century? What would she do next? The story follows Venus from her arrival on the beach, through to her move into the city, mapping her seduction, disillusion and eventual return to the sea...
The performance combines poetry, music and film with myth, art and contemporary issues - from eating disorders to shopping in Primark.
With music composed and performed by Corey Mwamba, featuring Dave Dhonau and film visuals designed by Keith Allott.
"Eloquent, witty, rhythmically tight...these poems are wry yet also compassionate, curious...there's an impressive control here, with rarely wasted word." David Belbin, novelist
"Lydia Towsey is an imaginative poet and performer who carefully crafts her work for both the page and the stage. Her work is a pleasure to read and a joy to watch." Kevin Fegan, poet and playwright