Corey Mwamba


Juxtavoices + Bennett-Cole Orchestra

Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Road, Leeds LS7 3PD, England

I\'m a guest with the Bennett-Cole Orchestra! Details of the gig below:

Juxtavoices is a 30 voice new music and performance poetry anti choir under the direction of composer Martin Archer and writer Alan Halsey. The Bennett-Cole Orchestra is an improvising big band run by bassist Seth Bennett and pianist Laura Cole. A Fusebox Special Event, in association with Fusebox.

Juxtavoices has been surprising, delighting, and occasionally alarming audiences since 2010. The repertoire mixes text based scores and instructions with improvised elements, which often allow the choir to determine the shape of the music as it progresses. Juxtavoices concerts are always a live spectacle, and this will be the group\'s first Leeds concert.

The Bennett-Cole Orchestra features some of the most exciting players on the Leeds scene today.

The Bennett-Cole Orchestra are: Seth Bennett, double bass; Heather Cordwell and Yvonna Magda, violins; Nick Williams, viola; Emma Coleman, cello; Ollie Dover, soprano sax; Richard Ormrod, alto sax/bass clarinet; Helen Baines, tenor sax/bass clarinet; Richard Scott, baritone sax; Chris Burge and Tom I\'Anson, trombones; Paul Moore, tuba; Katie Patterson and John Arnesen, drums/percussion; Laura Cole, piano.