Corey Mwamba


Mat Maneri and Friends

Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1RQ, England


New York's Mat Maneri is a hugely important figure, combining the most advanced free techniques with the fierce swing of early jazz, and described as "changing the way the jazz world listens to the violin and viola". So it's a tribute to the growing international reputation of Jazz North East that, when he was planning a private visit to the UK, he contacted us to ask if we would like to organise a gig for him. We didn't need asking twice!
For this unique event we're putting Mat together with the great Scottish guitarist George Burt (a leading member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra), rising star vibes player Corey Mwamba, and Tyneside's very own bass titan Andy Champion, with the four of them working in different permutations over the course of the evening. And we're billing the gig as 'Mat Maneri & Friends' not because these are old acquaintances (in fact they've never met before), but because we're convinced that they are certain to hit it off musically, and by the end of the night will be the best of mates!