Corey Mwamba


Surge in Spring

mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH, England

£7.50 on the door; £6 in advance | Day Tickets £25 on the door; £20 in advance

I'm playing in this!

A day long celebration of West Midland musical cultural heritage and improvisation curated by composer and SURGE ORCHESTRA leader Sid Peacock. 8th April marks the beginning of the Grow Your Own Festival partnership between Surge, Birmingham City University and mac. The festival will become an annual event and feature new curators and collaborators from across all art forms, genres and cultures.

There will be free music events throughout the day in the Hexagon, bar and Terrace Gallery and four main events in the Theatre. These are:-

1.00pm Ray Prince Gospel Revisted Project & Surge Collaboration.

Having worked for many years together in education and community projects Ray and Sid are bringing together musicians form the Gospel community with members from the SURGE ORCHESTRA. Expect uplifting vibes and beautiful melodies to mark the beginning of the days events.

2.45pm Free Improvisation SURGE.

The West Midlands has a very strong free improvisation scene that has had a massive impact on the direction of SURGE. This concert features key improvisers from SURGE such as Mark Sanders, Steve Tromans and Simon King alongside special guests Paul Dunmall, John OGallagher and Corey Mwamba.

4.30pm John Mayer's Indo Jazz Fusion.

Calcutta born John Mayer led an illustrious career as violinist and composer. He was the creator of Indo-Jazz Fusion in 1964 and this concert today celebrates that music and John's time as lecturer at Birmingham Conservatoire. Directed by Steve Tromans and featuring special guests Jonathan Mayer, Mohinder Singh and Xhosa Cole.


A selection of SURGE pieces from 2003 to 2016 including Wee Green Man. La FĂȘte, Molly's Disco Biscuit and Hallucinogenic Garden. Hallucination, visions, outer space alien invasions whilst you're doing a bit of gardening along with many other tales of everyday madness. These provide the inspiration for uplifting, chaotic and emotionally charged music. Out of the chaos comes moments of tranquillity and beauty, sincere tenderness and deep melancholy. Surge is redefining the Orchestra for the 21st Century and embodies the Birmingham motto of Forward. Surge Forward!