Corey Mwamba


JNE Fluid Orchestra

Black Swan, 67 Westgate Road, Newcastle NE1 1SG, England


New writing; new large group; could only be Newcastle! Here's the blurb....

Throughout 2016 Jazz North East have been celebrating their 50th anniversary year having first been established in 1966. As part of their celebrations the first ever Jazz North East 'Fluid' Orchestra has been commissioned to present a series of new works as the final concert and celebration of the year.

Situated in Newcastle the Orchestra comprises of Northern U.K based musicians. Seven members have been asked to compose five pieces to represent each decade of Jazz North East from 1966 to present which will then be followed by a purely improvised piece reflecting 'the future', the unknown, an area of uncertainty.

The composers were given the brief to create a piece that reflects an aspect of the North which could be musically, socially, politically or other, a fairly open brief for interpretation.

The instrumental line up is truly unique and comprises of some of the North's most outstanding musicians.

We hope to see you there for what promises to be an absolutely stunning evening of music.

  • Bass: Andy Champion
  • Drums: Stephen Hanley
  • Guitar: Mark Williams
  • Keyboards / Electronics: Johnny Richards
  • Voice: Zoe Gilby
  • Viola (additional Vocals): Aby Vulliamy
  • Vibraphone: Corey Mwamba
  • Theremin: Beatrix Ward-Fernandez
  • Saxophones: James Mainwaring
  • Saxophones / Flute / Bass Clarinet: Graeme Wilson
  • Saxophones / Clarinet: Faye MacCalman
  • Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Graham Hardy

The Composers

  • 1960s: Graham Hardy
  • 1970s: Andy Champion and Zoe Gilby
  • 1980s: Corey Mwamba
  • 1990s: James Mainwaring
  • 2000s: Graeme Wilson and Faye MacCalman
  • The Future: The Orchestra