Corey Mwamba creates music using vibraphone, dulcimer, electronics and small instruments. His music contains elements of jazz, folk from different countries, and electronica.

Born in Derby and a former chemist and librarian, Corey is virtually self-taught in music having made the decision to take up vibraphone in his late teens after seeing a picture of Orphy Robinson in a book and taking five lessons with the orchestral percussionist Lewis Dyson.


Corey is primarily known as a highly creative improviser with a wide stylistic range: there have been appearances with Orphy Robinson, Pat Thomas, and Lol Coxhill; Andy Hamilton, Tony Kofi, the Master Drummers of Africa; Mat Maneri, Evan Parker, the Quantic Soul Orchestra, Robert Mitchell's Panacea; as well as his own solo performances and with his collective the Symbiosis Ensemble. He has also worked as a percussionist with Derby Concert Orchestra.


Corey is also seen as a skilled composer and band-leader. His work includes

Corey's compositional method focusses on devising "maps" or "scripts" to create and inform the nature of the music; and conducting the music through gestures, silence and associative phrases. Although it took some time to develop (he started work on it in 2003) there are now four main pieces of work using the method:

Selected achievements

In 2005 his solo improvisation, Three Two One, was selected for the Freeness album set up by CDR, Chris Offili, and the Observer Music Monthly.

Corey was granted a PRSF/Jerwood Foundation Take Five artist development award in 2007; was short-listed for the Innovation category in the BBC Jazz Awards in 2008; was selected by Arts Council England for The International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) event in Skopje; and was awarded an AHRC studentship for a Research Master's degree (MRes) in music at Keele University in 2013.

Nothing happened in 2006.

Advocacy and consultancy

An active member of his local arts community, Corey has worked with many regional arts organisations in advocacy and consultancy. He has held board positions for Derby Jazz, World Song Derby, and the Three Cities selection panel steering group, among others. He helped set up the Freestyle jam sessions in Leicester, Knit Club [which has been featured on BBC East Midlands Today, BBC Radio Derby and Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show] and has made various fun contributions to the Derby Festival of Words. In 2012 he petitioned for fair pay to artists fairly during the London Olympics, and helped to engineer a moratorium and review of arts funding cuts in Derby through debate with the city council. He is also an adventurous programmer of new music in Derby, setting up One Note Sunday and The Family Album as well as programming Derby Jazz's improvised music stream called 2ndline.

List of appointments:


Corey Mwamba has had a web-site since 2001, coding it himself. His hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, PHP and SVG has led him write occasional tutorials and simple music-related web applications; and he currently has two articles published by the Opera Developers Network.

Selected projects and articles

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