an incomplete map of British and Irish jazz/improv venues

What this is

It's a map. The data has been pulled from the old cognizance map set, which (some of you will be unsurprised to hear) still exists.

If the field is empty, the map will reset.

There are 219 venues on the map.

open - probably open, running, or bookable

closed - probably NOT open, running, or bookable

Export the list to CSV.

Can we help fill in gaps in the map?

Yes. The form is now below. Type the name of the venue you want to add in the box. This requires JavaScript.

If the venue is in the generated list, you don't need to add it again. If you do manage to add it and I find it's there, I'll delete it. This may screw up your gig listing.

If you want to list a gig, enter it into the schedule.

Sometimes MapQuest gets the location wrong: but I check that too (every so often).

Why are you presenting this map now?

I've recently seen a very incomplete map of London venues, and wondered what this incomplete map would look like. As incomplete as this map is, it should be evident that there are quite a few venues to choose from. The data points only represent venues whose gigs have been entered into the schedule; but even so, the spread nationally is very broad.

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