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Hoping the news I'm hearing about Muhal Abrams is unfounded...

This Friday: Xhosa Cole plays at Deda!

And, because some people need images of text:


Amazing gig from Eris 136199 (Catherine Sikora/Han-earl Park/Nick Didkovsky) last night!!

You tried to use it; it was broken; and you didn't tell me it was broken, but: I've now fixed the Facebook sign-in on the site.

Ten years ago, Mellow Baku approached me with a poem, which I set to music. I think this got some airplay once!

I think I will be clearing my schedule to see this.

Today! And I'll be heading down to London early to see what I can see of London Jazz Festival...

Lovely gig last night with Alya Al–Sultani, Rachel Musson, Charlotte Keefe, Pat Thomas and John Edwards!

Molde Jazz archive TV programmes—several years to plough through here. Enjoy.

Absolutely fantastic couple of days doing critical listening for the recording of Laura Cole's solo album! Incredible music coming soon...