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Entries for Jun 2017

Once upon a time, Bandcamp had a good REST API. This API allowed musician/developers to link to their music through scripts.

Then they decided to get rid of it.

I have an Open Graph Protocol parser on my site. And it works with every site, except... yes, Bandcamp.

The response I received could be summarised as: "tough". But all I'm doing is trying to link to my own music, or share music I like.

So: until I figure out a workaround, there may be missing Bandcamp links on my site. I'd apologise, but it's really not my fault.

This view never gets old. The Midlander begins The Bucharest Jaunt!


Leicester. This shot reveals the glamour of travel.


Luton. The Midlander can see your dusky hills.


Literally inching our way towards the plane.


Limbo in Luton. Will we leave? Will we stay?

This one tonight... lovely room!


Here is a list of charities to donate to for the affected from Grenfell Tower.

Xenophobia can be a political aim, and the fuelling of xenophobia is a political act.

When that act of incitement involves the murdering of people to instil fear in the remainder of a population, then this is terrorism.

Thus the attack on the mosque is a terrorist act, even if officially (and politically) it may never be labelled as such.

Dolphy Day was yesterday! After Monk, Eric Dolphy's music is the most formative influence on my playing. I'm very likely to do some writing on his sound today; but for now peruse the linked site, which (since 1994!) is STILL the best site on Dolphy!