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March's first track for (s)kin is up, and it's for subscribers only! If you'd like to hear it as well as the other songs in the collection, you can subscribe for £15 per year (more if you like).

Here's a tree (or, as Tom rightly said, a rhizome) of jazz and improv musicians in Britain and Ireland. It is not complete, but we started it on Sunday—and what is complete, nowadays?

Tom Ward did the insane JavaScript; I did the PHP.

Thank you to everyone who has added details to "the rhizome" so far. Tom Ward has fine-tuned the visualisation so that the nodes don't disappear from the edges!

If you think there's anyone not represented: don't complain, just add the name! And in the case where you do not want your name on there, just send me a message.

If you break it (and some of you have), I usually know how to fix it. So don't worry too much about it.

Remember: you can add people yourself. Each name entry should be on a separate line, and look like this:

name - instrument

If the name is already in the rhizome then you don't need to add the instrument, and it will look like this:


This morning I went through most of the groups and people added to the rhizome, and checked them for errors. After this, I then did some work on improving the form to add groups.

As a consequence, "the rhizome" should be harder to break now (except if I break it through poor, tired typing as I did a few minutes ago). I think it is also a bit quicker, and now I can make an effort into filtering and searches. But not today.

Well, I said "not today"... but I was wrong. Here's a text search.

Rhizome update. Yesterday, Tom Ward wrote a JavaScript function so that nodes could be highlighted; and I incorporated the text search function into the graph.

TIP: if you're searching for people on the rhizome, use the surname first.

Also, spell names correctly—including your own name!! Going through spelling errors is no joke...

Down a rabbit-hole... here's a network chart for Tony Kofi.

Good morning. @ [Tom Ward] has brought zoom! And drag!

And I have added collision detection, so there are fewer overlapping elements.

Here's a nice example of the collision detection and zoom at work with Some Some Unicorn (although frustratingly someone has not entered instrument details).

I'm locking the rhizome database until Friday, to do some error-checking and make some improvements. You can still view and search; but you won't be able to add new groups or musicians. I'd apologise, but it's entirely intentional.


I'm currently working on adding the following information for GROUPS only, and need help finding out

  1. the year a group started
  2. the year that same group stopped (if applicable).

If you can help please let me know!

This morning, I began adding regions to all 229 groups in the rhizome database. Only 33 to go! You can see the data I've entered, so if there are any quibbles, let me know.

Okay! So the group/person feeder is now back up. Yes, I said Friday; but I over-estimated.

A group is now defined as two or more people.

Will be moving onto basic editing (with sign-in system).

If the rhizome suddenly vanishes:

  1. zoom out in the bottom-right corner (eventually you'll see a couple of nodes)
  2. drag the rhizome to where you can see it

Good morning. @ [Tom Ward] has fixed the zoom and drag: so the rhizome shouldn't disappear! I'm still doing database things (which means I can't enter groups at the moment; sorry. You will have to do it).

Here's a taste of what is coming today for the rhizome. First, regional filtering (for groups only). Here's a graph of group entries in the North East.

And here is part of a currently incomplete graph of bands formed in the last five years... but it's just an example of what can be done now.

Good morning. THE RHIZOME panel has been refreshed with the new group filter tools. Still lots of people missing from here, I think!

Oh, and don't wait for me or someone else to add you or your group. DIY! It should be pretty straightforward, but just ask if you have any problems.

New track for the (s)kin collection: "your moment is fleeting".

You can subscribe to (s)kin for £15 per year; and you receive 5 tracks of raw, unnotated musical commentary from me every month, including subscriber-only releases. Dive in!

Hello, thesis chapter. It's REALLY good to see you.

Good morning. THE RHIZOME now has focusing links for individual musicians: you can produce a graph with just that person's connections. Narcissists, rejoice! Here are mine.

To access it, first "focus" on a name: here, I'm searching for Gary Crosby.

I've now selected Gary's name—and his network graph is highlighted. But also notice that his name (on the right hand side) is now a link (in blue), unlike 15 minutes ago.

Good morning. "click to highlight" is on THE RHIZOME, courtesy of Tom Ward; you can now see focused networks clearer! Here's Loose Tubes.

If there are any groups missing? Add them here!

Quick note before disappearing for the day. After 11 days, THE RHIZOME is almost up to 1000 musicians!

Good morning. No RHIZOME updates from me today (day 13), although I did add a few more people and groups; I also had to tweak the spacing a bit, as it's quite crowded. Enjoy!