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Entries for Sep 2017

Helen McDonald has sold out tonight! Will see you at Deda later, if you were one of the lucky ones...

Can you guess who I'm thinking about from this?


  1. alive;
  2. British

The full yana discography is half price! All twelve releases for £29.

You can buy everything we've done for half price! All twelve releases for £29.

Newcastle. RIGHT NOW.

Hot gig with Spirit Farm last night!! Glad to see the grey...

Damn. I had missed the train strike updates. Best get moving...

Well—it looks like the train strike is just Northern: so three hours to kill.

Today's weaponset for the gig with Tom Ward #

Bit of travel mayhem; running an hour late! Hoping no one was injured in the bridge crash...

Had a lovely gig with Tom Ward yesterday! Tom, Cath Roberts and Colin Webster has started a great night: get to the next one!

And yana album launch tickets are available! It's cheaper online, hope to see you there!

Excited to be heading to the new Birmingham Conservatoire building today!

Last day of the discography sales: 20% off all my Bandcamp releases!