12 tone composer tools
For which you have to understand twelve tone rows...
Alan Belkin's Music Pages
I read this in the days when I was trying to catch up with everyone else in terms of theory.
Dolmetsch Online
Go here first for Western music and pretty accurate definitions of almost any musical term. It also has an impressive collection of links to other sites [i.e. it acts as a portal].
Free jazz - 20th Century orchestral music essay
Something to read and ponder.
Frequencies of Musical Notes
It's just a list. But potentially a useful one.
International Music Score Library Project
This amazing project opens up a world of scores for everyone.
A collaborative database of recordings. Amazing resource.
Jazz Discography Project
Really comprehensive listings site for U.S. jazz -- it's been running for ages.
Jazz Studies Online
This is fantastic. A mass of digitally reproduced articles, videos and sounds exploring the history of jazz.
This used to be my main notation program. Now, bearing in mind that I've been using it since 2003, I still have to say - for the price [£45], this is a fantastic bit of kit. It works on Linux through WINE - I wrote a short-ish guide to help. Worth getting on Windows if you're short of cash and want something that will produce the goods...
Monk transcriptions
These are extremely accurate transcriptions of Thelonious Monk's themes.
This is my main notation program. An excellent, flexible open source and free tool for whatever level.
Protect your hearing
A good article from the Royal Institute for the Deaf on how to keep yourself listening!
Sandy Brown Jazz
Not just a site about the clarinettist, but well-written site about jazz in the U.K.