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30th Jul, 9:38am

New Ramble: Site change 2015

27th Jul, 9:51am

New gig: PARRJAZZ -

23rd Jul, 11:56am

Video of Richard Spaven's quartet at Jazz re:freshed!

23rd Jul, 9:20am

Bit of a code test; and sneak peek of new site design...

20th Jul, 9:06am

Viciously hard at work, coding today. You'll see the results soon...

19th Jul, 4:15am

Just heard about the passing of the wonderful pianist John Taylor.

14th Jul, 12:55pm

Have also been working on HTML5/JS name tagging for the admin bit of my site. Datalists ahoy!

14th Jul, 12:54pm

Abysmal admin day. But still buzzing from the LUME night!

9th Jul, 10:28am

To London!

8th Jul, 3:45pm

To Sheffield!