next performances

Spaven Five @ UberJazz

Kampnagel, Hamburg

Musson/Mwamba - LUME free stage

Barbican, London

Chicago-London Vibration: AACM at 50

Rich Mix, London


10th Oct, 7:05am

New gig: Spaven Five @ UberJazz -

10th Oct, 6:52am

New gig: Spirit Farm @ LJF -

28th Sep, 6:30am

In Leeds this week!

25th Sep, 10:17am

Wirksworth Festival today!

23rd Sep, 3:47am

Looking forward to playing with Matt Ratcliffe in Wirksworth on Friday, assuming they don't stop us like they did Juxtavoices!

17th Sep, 5:14am

Looking forward to seeing Olie Brice and Mark Sanders in Derby in October...

16th Sep, 10:23am

bash-fuzzy-clock plays really nicely with Conky and jwm: just use the Swallow element to contain Conky in .jwmrc.

<Tray x="-1" y="0" height="40" width="0" autohide="off">

<Swallow name="time-power">conky -c ~/.desktop-settings/conky-time-power</Swallow>

<!-- other options -->   


16th Sep, 10:10am

I've updated bash-fuzzy-clock, adding Italian to the languages!

13th Sep, 10:35am

yana had a ball at Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival! Thanks for coming if you did!

11th Sep, 7:24am

If you want a good marker for "arts as commodity", examine the phrase "creative industries".