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Bennett/Cole/Mwamba + Sloth Racket

Fox and Newt, Leeds


27th Apr, 5:34am

New gig: Bennett/Cole/Mwamba + Sloth Racket -

22nd Apr, 2:49am

I think I'm actually crying a bit.

22nd Apr, 2:42am

That is not news to wake up to. Prince...

22nd Apr, 2:41am



21st Apr, 2:09pm

In Birmingham on Saturday! It's been a while...

18th Apr, 9:44am

In Leeds for the next couple of days: spreading the new music in schools with my bro Dave Kane!

18th Apr, 5:10am

New gig: Fizzle @ Flatpack Film Festival -

14th Apr, 10:32am

Today! Really looking forward to seeing Rachel Musson; and a first-time play with Gus Garside!

13th Apr, 12:21pm

Tomorrow, with Rachel Musson and Gus Garside!

1st Apr, 12:01pm

Sunday at LUME! Me, Cath Roberts, Olie Brice; and Dave Kane's quartet...