next performances


Bridge Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Musson/Mwamba + Garside

Edric Theatre, London


6th Feb, 1:03pm

Tomorrow - Tyne-wards!!

2nd Feb, 9:56am

More words, references on the latest blog post...

27th Jan, 12:04pm

New gig: Musson/Mwamba + Garside -

24th Jan, 9:25am

Newcastle today!

15th Jan, 5:37pm

Improvising musicians based in Midlands: would very much like to hear from you: send me a message:

11th Jan, 10:52am

Sunday: Derby Jazz presents Ripsaw Catfish!

11th Jan, 8:15am

Bowie. Kaleidoscopic.

6th Jan, 1:03pm

A reminder: if you'd like to study improvisation with me, get in touch!

28th Dec, 11:41am

Writing; hopeful that this is the start of new/long-standing things next year.

16th Dec, 4:38pm

#2ndline gigs now on Derby Jazz website... with Ripsaw Catfish in January!