Request for help - Research project on London jazz musicians

Saxophonist and researcher Charles Umney is looking into employment conditions among London musicians.

Charles Umney 22nd Feb 2012 | 11:33

My name is Charles Umney, I am a sometime jazz musician who has a day job as an employment relations researcher at the University of Greenwich.

A colleague and I are conducting a research project looking at the working lives of freelance jazz musicians living and working in London. We are looking for people that fit this description, who may be up for being interviewed for the project - questions would relate to your motivations for being a musician, good and bad working experiences, attitudes towards unionisation among musicians, etc.

Your involvement would just mean meeting up somewhere in London at a mutually convenient time over the coming weeks/months, and doing an interview for 45mins-1 hour. No fee, unfortunately, but hopefully some may find it interesting to take part!

If you are up for helping, please email me. Any interest would be gratefully received.

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